DP Ruto faces impeachment hours after landslide BBI Loss

Deputy President William Ruto has once again remained a besieged man after his impeachment calls surfaced  hours after the BBI bill sailed through with massive backing from over 230 MPs.

Speaking yesterday at a press conference Kipipiri Member of Parliament Amos Kimunya noted that the DP risks being ejected out of the government if he continues to disrespect his boss and further failure to toe the line.

He continued that the President wing of the Jubilee party had the more than threshold number required to kick the DP out of his current position following the landslide Thursday BBI bill sail.

“Those who have been promised wheelbarrows in future must read the mood. The ground is solidly behind the President.

“We hope their leader has seen the light and will stop defying the President. If he continues with his defiance, these numbers give us confidence and we could escalate things to the next step (impeachment) we have the numbers,” Kimunya warned. 

The lawmakers boasted that they only required 233 members to see the DP out of his position.

Following the BBI stunner, Suna East MP Junet Mohammed cautioned that numbers don’t lie adding that it dymistifies the mass following that has been associated with Dr. Ruto.

“We are merely being magnanimous. These numbers can lead to other things. They can make somebody lose his job as provided for in the constitution. However, we are focusing on peacebuilding and wouldn’t want to try that route now,” Junet forewarned. 

This comes amid reports of a Friday meeting with Members of the DP’s camp to deliberate on the way forward after the BBI loss.

His allies have in the past dared President Uhuru and Raila to initiate an impeachment against Ruto for lack of numbers.

“Let them not discuss the impeachment of the Deputy President in bars, in funerals, and in their apartments. Let them bring it to the floor of the House,” former National Assembly Majority leader Aden Duale dared.

Ruto however has always deviated from the ouster plot and instead criticisizing those castigating his relationship with Uhuru.

“99 percent of MPs pretending to give me lectures on supporting Uhuru Kenyatta have never voted for him. I have campaigned, voted and supported him in the four elections he ran for President,” Ruto tweeted in March 2020

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