Kenyans roast DP Ruto’s Nigerian in-laws over this speech

DP Ruto hosts his Nigerian in-law(Photos)

A speech given by DP Ruto’s Nigeriuan inlaws who were in the country for June Ruto’s dowry negotiations drew mixed reactions with Kenyans giving their take.

It all started when Osita Chidoka who was in the delagation took to Facebook with a long post that read:

“The Kalenjin people of Kenya are pastoral people and have so much in common with the Igbos of Nigeria.

I was the negotiator at the bride price settlement ceremony. We haggled, we negotiated and at the end we agreed on how many cows would be a fair price for the hands of June.

June’s father kept the event small and simple and family focused. His position as Deputy President was relegated as he played the role of a father. Hon. Ruto and wife were great hosts.

I regaled them with Igbo customs, proverbs and mores. They are looking forward to visiting Ani Igbo to eat roasted yam and red oil. They also want to see Umuaro and Umuofia as described by Chinua Achebe. Well I told them that visiting Obosi and Alex’s village Uli will suffice…..”

DP Ruto hosts his Nigerian in-law(Photos)

While a section of netizens appr4eciated his humour symbolism, others found fault in the post and poiunted out that it was not factual.

Babu Kennedy pointed out that Osita Chidoka should research and not mislead the public noting: “The kalenjins don’t share much in common with the Igbos.Do more research”.

“Igbos were traditionally farmers, while Kalenjins were cattle herders like Maasai. I think in the Nigerian context they have more in common with the cattle herding Hausa/ Fulani of Northern Nigeria.” Added Patrick Kamanga.

The part on women such as June Ruto are exchanged for cows did not go down well with Dorothy Kay who wrote:
“Goodness! But this story of ‘exchanging women with cows’ sijui how many animals a woman is worth, is annoying. Who came up with this thing? May they never know peace!🤦🏾‍♀️😏🙄😂”.

DP Ruto hosts his Nigerian in-law(Photos)

One user going by the Facebook name Deep State roped in politics, pointing to the fact that the second in command has for a long time referred to some of his competitors as Mganga, only for his daughter to end up marrying a man from Nigeria which is depicted in Nolywood as a land where witchcraft is common.

“Here comes the real mganga now headed to Enugu… 😂😂 Ruto used to insult Rao. Tables have turned. say what? The power of the tongue 👅” Wrote Deep State.

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