The Wicked edition’s Dr. King’ori’s appeal for help backfires

The Wicked edition TV host Felix Omondi alias Dr. King’ori yesterday came under fierce criticism from a section of netizens and fans after he pleaded for help.

This is after the creative appealed for help on behalf of a woman named Tiso who had believed in his humble beginnings and offered him a place to stay 11 years ago while going through a rough time.

“For the over 6 months, she was very kind, never complained and was also one of the strongest believers in what I do…She is one of the most hardworking people I know and things are currently not going so well for her.”

“Anyone with cleaning, laundry and basically anything that falls in the category ya domestic work, kindly reach out to her,” he pleaded.

This appeal did not auger so well with the fans who took on the satirist suggesting that he is a man of means and profile who is able bail out Tiso. 

“You must be joking, she offered you a place to leave in for 6 months? That’s like a mother and you are now giving out her number so that she can clean clothes for people?” a netizen questioned.

“Boss with you profile you still solicit for guys with cleaning jobs for a lady who hosted you for 6 months, that is wrong,” another weighed in.

The reaction from the fans prompted King’ori to come out saying that he had also helped the kind hearted lady, but failed to name what he exactly did to her.

“A laundry business is part of what she requested. Why are you looking down on the job? It was not a demand. Much appreciation to all who will be able to reach out to her for a gig or 2.

“The purpose of this post is not to brag about what I have done for her for the kindness she showed but to expand wider the net of how she loves to fish,” he concluded.

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