Former US President Barrack Obama’s message mourning dead family dog backfires

Former US President Barrack Obama yesterday attracted the reactions of Netizens and Kenyans after mourning the death of their family dog.

Taking to Social media, the former head of state mourned Bo their constant companion for the past twelve years as a constant gentle presence in their lives, who had seen them through both good and murky times.

“He tolerated all the fuss that came with being in the White House, had a big bark but no bite, loved to jump in the pool in the summer, was unflappable with children, lived for scraps around the dinner table, and had great hair.
“He was exactly what we needed and more than we ever expected. We will miss him dearly,” noted Obama.

Following the news of Bo’s death, Netizens across the world streamed in their messages of comfort to the family, with tributes overwhelming the family currently.

Typical of Kenyans, they also joined in with quite a number consoling the family and others also with their ulterior motive, nothing that the death of a dog should not be attracting much attention than human being.

“There is even a WhatsApp group collecting condolence money for the death of Obama’s dog,” wondered one user.
Others took a swipe on the former head of state, faulting him for not issuing a similar message when his step mother Keziah Obama passed on in London last month.

“This condolence messages to Obama’s dog is longer than what he would write for a human being. When our dogs die, we shrug off and move on,” stated Ouma Ouma.

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