David Ndii reveals DP Ruto’s top three promises of freebies in 2022

File image of David Ndii with DP Ruto and Kimani Ichungwah

Deputy President William Ruto has embarked on an ambitious plan with new promises in a bid woo voters with his economic advisor David Ndii revealing that he (DP Ruto) is considering three proposals which would form part of his bottom-up economic revival and 2022 manifesto. 

Ndii, on Saturday, May 8, divulged that the recent Masai Mara retreat with DP Ruto and his Mount Kenya allies saw several freebies fronted as part of the economist’s presentation to Ruto with Murang’a Senator Irungu Kang’ata adding that the enticements would be used as the driving force in their 2022 succession matrix. 

“I proposed three issues to be added to the blueprint – free healthcare, deregulation of the economy to spur growth and free lunch to school children,” Ndii told Nation. 

DP during the Masai Mara meeting

An obstacle however remains how the second in command will convince the public especially after the Jubilee government failed to provide free laptops to students as promised. The information technology agenda was part of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s and his deputy, William Ruto’s 2013 manifesto. 

Uhuru’s allies revealed that the laptop agenda was Ruto’s brainchild, adding that the President spent his own money to cover the DP’s mess.

Jubilee Vice-Chairman, David Murathe, said that the initial budget was misappropriated by the office of the DP as those who won and reportedly embezzled the tender were linked to Ruto.

“Children are very unforgiving. How can you promise them laptops and not deliver? It reached a point where the President funded the project using his own resources to revive it. When it comes to the stadiums, Uhuru also had to intervene,” Murathe stated on Thursday, January 28. 

Ruto would rebrand and resurface later as the Messiah keen on saving hustlers with his bottom-up approach is centred on uplifting the common mwananchi.

“The most important conversation is on the empowerment of small businesses, increasing farmers’ earnings and creating an enabling environment that rewards hard work, nurtures creativity and promotes initiative for all to flourish,” he explained, on Sunday, May 2, after meeting his allies in Maasai Mara. 

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