Details emerge DP Ruto’s secret scheme on BBI after his troops made U-turn

File image of DP Ruto

New details have emerged on an alleged plot hatched by Deputy President William Ruto in order to appease his political cronies.

Speculation is rife that the second in command is working tirelessly behind the scene and instructing his troops to support the initiative so that he has adequate slots to share among his cronies who miss out on the running mate slot.

A well-placed source divulged that it is not for nothing that even counties where DP Ruto and the Tanga Tanga brigade enjoy much support passed the Constitutional amendment bill 2020.

The Tanga Tanga troops have been instructed to do all within their powers to ensure that the constitution is amended but at the same time to appear as if they oppose the BBI report to avoid losing favour with the public and to continue appearing as if they are opposing the recommendations on the grounds that it will overburden the public.

Under the guise of democracy, several Tanga Tanga MPs and Senators will reportedly support the bill but the numbers will be carefully balanced to retain the perception that Tanga Tanga is opposed to the BBI yet still benefit from the positions contained therein.

Vocal Tanga Tanga lawmaker speaks on ditching the camp hours betraying DP Ruto
Vocal Tanga Tanga lawmaker speaks on ditching the camp hours betraying DP Ruto

Ruto has been having a headache settling on a running mate with Mount Kenya region demanding the slot, a move that could lead to a fallout in Tanga Tanga.

Ruto is however hopeful that once the constitution is amended, there will be more than enough positions to dish out to his cronies from other regions who miss out on the running mate slot and avert a fallout.

The self-declared Hustler is killing two birds with one stone: Sitting on the fence and opposing BBI recommendations help him win favour with the public and paint Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta as leaders who do not have their priorities right. At the same time, Tanga Tanga remains the greatest beneficiary of the spoils should the BBI report recommendations be adopted.

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