DP Ruto’s team respond to threats of his impeachment with bold message daring handshake MPs

File image of DP Ruto

Politicians allied to Deputy President William Ruto have responded to threats by handshake MPs to the effect that DP Ruto could soon be rendered jobless through impeachment.

The Tanga Tanga lawmakers have dared their their counterparts drawn from the Handshake faction to prove their might by tabling an impeachment motion targeting the second-in-command.

Lat week, it became apparent that the Tanga Tanga brigade do not actually have the numbers they have been boasting of after the BBI bill was passed in parliament.

It became clear that in a similar way, an impeachment motion against the second in command can easily sail through.

To counter the narrative that Ruto’s has little influence in the House, Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagwa dared proponents of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) to table an ouster motion against Ruto if they think they can raise the required two-thirds vote.

Gachagwa said Ruto’s camp was preparing for the 2022 General Elections and not the proposed constitutional amendments adding Kieleweke MPs should not translate the BBI vote as a representation of the ideal situation on the ground.

“That was about the constitution. If they think they have the numbers, they should not waste time. Let them draft the impeachment motion and bring it to parliament and if they can raise 233 so be it. But let them not confuse what happened in parliament and the political realities on the national scene,” he said.

His utterances came after the handshake team threatened to oust Ruto citing the overwhelming numbers it has in the House as shown during the BBI vote.

A total of 224 MPs voted for the bill against 63 who dissented. Two members abstained.

While breaking his silence on the matter, an embattled Ruto said the outcome of the vote was democratic and thus needed to be welcome by all despite the varied opinions..

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