Police IG Hillary Mutyambai springs into immediate action following officers viral resignation plea (Video)

Police Inspector General Hillary Mutyambai has sprang into immediate action instructing the Gender and Children’s directorate to probe sexual harassment in the police force.

This is after an unusual video of one of his officers surface online requesting him to allow her resign from the force following numerous unfruitful attempts to do so formally.

In her video, the officer narrated her frustraions in the force from her colleagues and seniors while requesting the IG to allow her leave the force even without pay to try thriving elsewhere, adding that she had written several letters on the same that were yet to be received.

“Sir, kindly allow me to resign from the police office because I can thrive elsewhere. Even if it means, resigning without pay, I will not mind,” she said.

She attributed the increased number of deaths and indiscipline cases in the force to the frustrations experienced.

“I just want a chance to resign peacefully. I have attached several letters meant for the IG but they never get to him. That is why police officers get frustrated to a point of committing suicide or killing themselves, something I cannot do,” she said.

The officer further reached out to President Uhuru Kenyatta to do away with the Internal Affairs office noting that they engaged in massive corruption despite the pay.

“We are suffering. Officials in that office are full of corruption yet they get a salary at the end of the month. They don’t solve any cases, that’s why police kill cause of such problems,” she concluded.

Reports indicate that the viral video has since reached the IG, who has vowed to follow up on the matter.

Recent reports from the police force linked the spike in the number of indiscipline cases and deaths in the force to limited supervision of the junior officers living outside the camps.

“Stagnation in rank, disciplinary actions arising from desertion and inadequate monitoring of junior officers leaving outside police lines are among causes of stress in officers identified,” reads an excerpt of the.

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