Kositany reveals he was offered Ksh 500,000 to betray DP Ruto camp

File image of Caleb Kositany with DP Ruto and Rachel Ruto

Soy MP, Caleb Kositany has disclosed that he was offered Ksh 500,000 to betray the Tanga Tanga camp led by Deputy President William Ruto which has been vocal in opposing the Building Bridges Initiative report.Kositany revealed that he was approached and offered the hefty amount to vote for the Building Bridges Initiative Bill but he declined.

In an interview on Monday, 10 May Kositany stated that he has heard reports that MPs were bribed to support the bill but could only confirm his end.

I’m not sure, I also heard that there was money, but one thing I can confirm is that I was given an offer that I am premium I would not be given Sh100,000, my price was Sh500,000 of which I declined because that amount with my conscience would not allow…. I don’t know whether others were offered,” said Kositany.

DP Ruto

When prompted to reveal who offered him the money, the lawmaker declined to reveal the identity of the person stating “That one would remain a secret” insisting that the presenter should be satisfied with his answer.

You have asked me a question I have answered you should be satisfied with what I have said,” responded Caleb Kositany.

The revelation comes days after Tanga Tanga was subjected to a humiliating defeat in parliament after the BBI Bill was overwhelmingly supported in parliament.

The results left many questioning the so-called numbers that the Tanga Tanga brigade have been claiming to have.

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