Moses Kuria lights up social media with belated Mother’s Day message tackling Uhuru-Raila union

Moses Kuria lights up social media with belated Mother's Day message tackling Uhuru-Raila union

Gathundu South MP Moses Kuria lit up social media with a cryptic message targeting President Uhuru Kenyatta and his handshake partner Raila Odinga.

Taking to  social media in a message laced with symbolism, Kuria wondered why the handshake duo has not yet gone to Central Kenya since the union was formalized on 09 March 2018.

“Na huyu bibi tangu March 2018 mbona haujampeleka kwa wazazi Central ?” Kuria wrote in his post that coincided with Mother’s Day.

The post elicited mixed reactions as Kenyans weighed in on the matter.


Be nice MK today is mothers day ,amepelekwa home leo” Quiped nominbated MCA Anne Thumbi.

Cornelius Kipngetich: Fear of rejection from parents. They Still want to play around. Maybe there is another wife as well.

James Kamau:Uhuru himself ni mzazi na kwani baba akioa hata bibi watisa Kuna mtoto anafaa kumuliza?? Don’t question the authority.

Yatzak Kole Fourtze pointed out that the union is expecting a baby (BBI) hence the delay writing: In Kikuyu culture and custom, you don’t take your wife to be to your parents when she is pregnant. You wait until she delivers a baby {BBI} , then you can introduce her to the parents so that dowry negotiations can start. That’s how it goes mheshimiwa.

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