“Mimi hupenda Baba sana” Moses Kuria opens up on love for Raila, compares him to a cheap lady in embarrassing remarks

File image of Moses Kuria at a past interview on Citizen TV

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria was on the rampage for the better part of Friday night, keeping his followers engaged as he opened up on his love for ODM party leader Raila Odinga albeit with Embarrassing remarks.

In a tell-it-all post on social media, Kuria admitted that he loves the opposition leader but has one problem with the ODM party leader that if he (Raila) were a lady, he would have had 14 pregnancies out of wedlock.

According to Kuria, Raila is easily convinnced and this is his downfall that makes it easy for others to use and dump him.

“Enyewe wacha niadmit. Mimi hupenda Baba sana. Shida yake nikuwekwa box hivi hivi. Kama angekuwa dem angekuwa ametiwa ball 14 times by now bila kuolewa . Ya 14 ingekuwa hii BBI bonoko” Kuria slammed.

This was the second post touching on Raila as the Gatundu South lawmaker continued to celebrate the Thursday court ruling that declared the BBI process illegal.

File image of Raila meeting Moses Kuria at his office on March 26, 2018.
File image of Raila meeting Moses Kuria at his office on March 26, 2018.

Earlier in the evening, Kuria appealed to Raila to retrace his way back home and redeem himself as he (Raila) is a firm believer in democracy.

According to Kuria, Some individuals who he did not mention were misleading the ODM party leader and soiling his legacy.

“Dear Raila Odinga. You dont belong to dictatorship. You belong to democracy. Come back home Baba. Redeem yourself Baba. You are not a robber baron Baba. They are making you look bad Baba.” Kuria appealed.

Meanwhile, the stage is set for an epic legal battle as the BBI proponents plan to challenge the matter in court.
BBI secretariat co-chair Junet Mohammed divulged that although they respect the court ruling which they have disagreed with, they will be moving back to court to appeal the decision.

Attorney General Kihara Kariuki also made it clear that the government would appeal the decision since the matter is of great public interest.

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