ODM Governor surprises armed police who raided his home

File image of police at a past raid

Kisii Governor James Ongwae today, 14 May 2021 opened up on a surprise he gave a contingent of heavily armed police officers who raided his home.

The police men are reported to have raided Ongwae’s home in what ODM party decried as a intimidation over the upcoming by-elections in Bonchari Constituency.

Rather that a confrontation and calling his legal team to take up the matter, the Kisii county boss opted to serve tea to the police boss who was leading the operation in his home.

The incident was brought to light in a statement by ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna on Friday, May 14, claiming harassment over the Bonchari by-election in the region.

“The governor was at the time having a meeting with Kisii Senator Sam Ongeri and another county leader when the officers descended on his premise with guns and teargas,” Sifuna said.
ODM Secretary General divulged that the raid was allegedly linked to an unlawful assembly that was suspected to be taking place at the governor’s residence.

The governor on seeing the police contingent directed his staff to prepare tea for the police boss as he inquired as to why the police officer had surrounded his home.

When the governor offered the officer the tea that had been prepared, the boss refused adding that he would only leave when the other leaders left the house as well.

James Ongwae

Speaking on the incident, Ongwae stated that even though he preferred to steer clear of political chaos, the incident had shaken him.

“The intimidation by the police was unnecessary. It is clear that desperate times have led to desperate measures and I have been forced to speak out because the use of excessive force is not good for democracy,” he explained on the incident that occurred on Thursday, May 13.

The ODM party further noted that several intimidation tactics had been used by the police during the campaigns for the Bonchari parliamentary seat.

ODM settled on former Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) Director-General Pavel Oimeke to fly the party’s flag. while Jubilee chose former legislator Zebedeo Opore to battle for the seat.

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