Popular Citizen TV Actress Hospitalized in Nairobi After a Train Rammed into Her Car

Citizen TV Actress Hospitalized in Nairobi After a Train Rammed into Her Car

Popular Citizen TV actress, Brenda Michelle, was rushed to hospital following a freak accident.
a hospital in Nairobi County on Thursday, May 13, after she was involved in a road accident.

Reports indicate that Michelle who plays the role of Alma in the drama series Zora, written and produced by Citizen TV’s Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan was in the company of her husband whan a cargo train rammed into their car.

The actrsss shared the news that the accident happened when she was being driven by her husband and music producer, Jacky B, on Wednesday, May 12 when they were rammed into by an oncoming cargo train.

“Our car was hit when we were about to cross a railway line. It was dark and raining heavily. The train had no lights on. It never hooted too. It just ran into our car and propelled us into a flooded area nearby.

itizen TV actress, Brenda Michelle (Alma) at a hospital in Nairobi following the accident

“I felt like a building fell on us. It was a very traumatic experience. Michelle felt most of the impact as she was in the co-driver seats,” Jacky B stated, adding that he escaped with soft tissue injuries.

“Earlier on, a few tests were run on her head and limbs where she was complaining of pain and the doctors said it was tissue and muscle damage.

“However -later on- she started complaining of chest pains, dizziness and nausea. We are back here to run more tests. They suspect that she may have suffered from thoracic trauma,” the artist explained.

A number of celebrities and followers reached out to the family wishing them well.

“We appreciate this immense amount of concern and support,” Jacky B stated.

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