Charity Ngilu’s Comments on BBI Ruling Saying Reggae Will Resume Lands Her in Trouble

Charity Ngilu

A comment made by Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu on the High Court’s deceision to declare the BBI Process illegalk has landed her in trouble, causing an uproar on social media.

It all began with Ngilu giving her verdict on social media in a post that read:

“”The High court ruling on BBI reeks of deliberate judicial red tape in the way of solving age-old inequalities and historical injustices. Court rulings should move us to find solutions to economic and political challenges that afflict us as a nation. Reggae has not stopped, just paused. Reggae will resume”.

Kenyans reminded the Kitui county boss that BBI is not a priority with many opining that the process had little to do with ordinary citizens, adding that the political elite were the biggest beneficiaries of the process.

Many sided with an agenda rolled out by Deputy President William Ruto in which he outlined what should be the priority for the current administration.

Ruto’s post read in part that “Our DEMOCRACY is anchored on the RULE of LAW, CONSTITUTIONALISM, SEPARATION of power and RESPECT for independent institutions.All PATRIOTIC citizen must DEFEND these tenets just like JUDICIARY did. Now let’s focus on covid VACCINATION, economic RECOVERY, the big4 and stay UNITED”.

“Madam Ngilu, be sincere to yourself…How many inquiries have been commissioned previously to solve the same historical grievances, and whose recommendations are yet to be implemented? Ndung’u report, the TJRC, Justice Akiwumi report, Justice Waki report, etc…Amending the constitution is not an answer…Don’t break the law.” Fired Chakaya Mwasimba.

“Kenya is not in a constitutional crisis. How will a document solve problems Kenya has suffered since independence? Kenya suffers from poor leadership. You are being elected to office only for you to loot and squander public coffers then you hide behind constitutional amendments.” Slammed Nelson Ruto.

File image of President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Receiving BBI Report
File image of President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Receiving BBI Report

“The obligation of the judiciary is solely the interpretation of the laws of the land, (social studies, Class Four, Term two). As a governor, you should provide those solutions.” Added Richard Mutua.

Fred Muli summarized, advising Ngilu on what she needs to do writing: “Accept and move on. BBI is illegal, irregular, and unconstitutional. We don’t solve problems by creating new ones.” .

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