11 Powerful Kenyans Behind The Case that Saw BBI Process Declared Illegal

File image of President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Receiving BBI Report

As Kenyans come to terms with the Thursday ruling by the High Court that the BBI Process is illegal, details continue to emerge on the individuals who bravely challenged President Uhuru Kenyatta and OPDM party leader Raila Odinga’s pet project.

Kenyaleo.co.ke pieced the following information on the faces behind the legal battle that sank the BBI, stopping the BBI reggae and sending Uhuru and Raila back to the drawing board.

  1. Okiya Omtatah
    Okiya Omtatah is a popular Kenyan human rights defender whose bravery is well-known to Kenyans having challenged numerous government decisions.The 57-year-old is always at the forefront to challenge unconstitutional decisions in court, earning the title of Public Defender.
    He filed a petition in December 2019 seeking to have the BBI task force declared unconstitutional and the whole process quashed. He filed the case alongside Katiba Institute and the Muslim for Human Rights (MUHURI).
  2. David Ndii David
    The renown economist who has since joined the DP Ruto bandwagon after cutting links with the National Super Alliance filed the petition challenging the implementation of BBI alongside Jerotich Seii, James Ngondi, Wanjiku Gikonyo, and Ikal Angelei on September 16, 2020.
  3. Jerotich Seii
    Interestingly, Jerotich Seii is the daughter of popular former army general John Seii who was a member of the BBI task force and a coordinator of the Kalenjin Myoot council of Elders.
    She has been active in opposing the entire process both on social media platforms and in courts and was one of the individuals that saw BBI reggae stopped.
11 Powerful Kenyans behind the case that Stopped BBI reggae with Court Ruling that BBI Process is Illegal
11 Powerful Kenyans behind the case that Stopped BBI reggae with Court Ruling that BBI Process is Illegal
  1. Ciru Gikonyo
    Ciru currently serves as the national coordinator, The Institute for Social Accountability. She is also an advocate for accountable, inclusive local governance and active citizenship.
    In her legal battle against the BBI, the governance practitioner claimed BBI is an instrument of warfare against Kenya’s democracy and gains of the constitution of Kenya
  2. Ikal Angelei
    Born in Kitale, Angelei is a Kenyan politician and environmentalist and is the founder of an organization, Friends of Lake Turkana which campaigns for environmental justice in the region around Lake Turkana.
    She argued BBI was not a solution to problems facing Kenyans and noted the political elite did not care for ordinary citizens, but was driven by their own interests.
  3. James Gondi
    The accomplished scholar is a rule of law analyst focusing on international humanitarian law, human rights, and transitional justice.
    He previously served as the program adviser at Africa Center for Open Governance (AfriCOG) where he horned his skills.
    Along with the above individuals was a team of seasoned lawyers who were able to convince the High Court that the entire process was an illegality.
    Among the legal brains were Nelson Havi, Waikwa Wanyoike, Korir Sing’oei, Esther Ang’awa, and Charles Kanjama.

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