Raila is what the Luos call ONJIRI – an insect with no memory- Miguna Miguna responds to Raila’s remarks on BBI ruling

Miguna Miguna (L) and Raila Odinga (R)

Fiery opposition activist Miguna Miguna has responded to Raila Odinga’s remarks on the BBI ruling which also saw the opposition chief reveal that they would move to court to appeal the ruling.

In his statement, Raila had admitted that he was disappointed with the ruling but urged his supporters to remain calm as they pursue appeal through legal means.

It is from this point that the self-declared NRM general who is based in Canada started his attack.

Miguna faulted Raila over his remarks, reminding him that the same judiciary that he is now disappointed with its ruling is the very one that annuled the results of the August 2017 elections as per Raila’s wishes back then.

He compared the ODM party leader to onjiri (cricket)- a noisy insect famous among the Luo community for its forgetful nature.

“@RailaOdinga is what the Luos call ONJIRI – an insect with no memory. The same BRAVE JUDGES he now defames made findings in his favour and against the TYRANT Uhuru Kenyatta he now praises. The Judges haven’t changed…@RailaOdinga has BETRAYED his SOUL, if he has one.” Miguna slammed on Twitter.

In yet another post, Miguna dismissed any hope of Raila succeeding in his appeal noting that the ruling delivered by the five-judge bench is equivalent to that of the Supreme Court. (These remarks as well as the quote below are the opinion of Miguna and not factual in law).

“Let me repeat it for zombies and incurable demagogues: One cannot appeal the findings of a Constitutional Court of 5 judges empaneled by the Chief Justice. In jurisdictions where Constitutional Courts exist, they are the APEX COURT. The 5-judge bench = Supreme Court. Period.” Miguna added.

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