DCI Should Probe Ndii For Advising Ruto to Kill Uhuru-Mutahi Ngunyi Reveals in Heated Video

File image of David Ndii with DP Ruto and Kimani Ichungwah

Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has slammed economist David Ndii for allegedly advising Deputy President William Ruto to assassinate his boss, President Uhuru Kenyatta in order to take over the Presidency.

Speaking on his YouTube Channel titled The 5th Estate, Ngunyi called for investigations and brought to light the tweet by Ndii in which he made the statement.

Ndii, a former Ruto critic turned advisor, made the comment on Twitter when one user asked him the best route the DP should take in order to stay afloat as divisions rocked Jubilee party.

“Murder his boss,” Ndii responded in a comment that set tongues wagging.

DCI Should Probe Ndii For Advising Ruto to Kill Uhuru - Mutahi Ngunyi
DCI Should Probe Ndii For Advising Ruto to Kill Uhuru – Mutahi Ngunyi

Ngunyi urged that DCI boss George Kinoti ought to investigate the claims.

“If he was not my friend, I would have said that this guy is a psycho, in fact, one of the things that Kinoti would do well for this country is to go and establish the mental records of this guy,” Ngunyi stated.

Ngunyi who is famous for his tyrany of numbers prediction of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s victory in 2013 and 2017 elections also faulted Ndii for driving a seccessionist agenda and disrespect towards the Presidency, stating that the same has since been spread into the Ruto camp and subsequently the five-judge bench which recently declared the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) as null and void.

“He spoke about it (seccession movement) splitting Kenya into two, that kind of thinking has moved into the house of William Ruto, the judges are now in bed with the thinking of William Ruto and showing total disrespect for the President by calling him Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta as opposed to His Excellency the President,” Ngunyi acknowledged.

David Ndii and Mutahi Ngunyi
David Ndii and Mutahi Ngunyi

Commenting on the ruling, Ngunyi argued that Uhuru can achieve the same results by amending the Constitution through a Parliamentary initiative as opposed to taking the bill through a referendum.

“What these judges have done is that they have given Uhuru an easy way. Why spend Ksh14 billion doing a referendum if you can achieve in Parliament within a very short time all the things that you require and you can do it almost immediately?” he posed.

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