Goons and 2 vehicles loaded with machetes cause tension in Bonchari as police arrest 3 ahead of by-election

Nyanza regional commisioner Magu Mutindika addressing journalists in Kisii on Saturday

Security agencies in Kisii are on high alert to respond to any chaos during tommorow’s by-elections in Bonchari after two vehicles filled with weapons were spotted in the county with intelligence reports indicating possible chaos in the Tuesday Bonchari by election.

Regional Commissioner Magu Mutindika confirmed that they are privy to intelligence reports that goons have been hired and ferried from outside the county to cause mayhem during the voting day.
“Some of these goons are said to come from outside the County and they want to cause disruptions during the voting day.
“There are also two vehicles loaded with machetes going round which will be used by the goons. Be sure that we will deal with the situation firmly, and decisively ” said Mutindika.
Mutindika confimred that the matter has been brought toi the attention of relevant authorities and those behind the plans will be arrested at any time.

“We have forwarded the names for action and they will be arrested any time,” Mutindika said.

The regional commissioner who was speaking on Saturday evening during a press conference in Kisii warned all the politicians that had been campaigning that security agencies are alert to deal with any eventuality.

“I order the county commander to move with speed and make arrests of those involved in the plot to cause mayhem,” stated Regional Commissioner.

Already three suspects have since been arrested over the plot to cause disruptions.

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Mutindika said the government was already investigating some individuals involved in it with view to prosecuting them.

“We don’t want Bonchari people to be denied their right to elect their MP in a fair and credible manner. We warn the politicians not to get involved in this as the would live to regret later,” he said.

“That was no ordinary dinner, we are aware. What has been happening is that the police have been doing their daily work. We are not favoring anybody,” Mutindika said.

He told Kisii Governor James Ongwae, Women Rep Janet Ongera and Senator Sam Ongeri to stop dragging the name of the CS into his illegal ‘dinners’.

“Everybody will have dinner but was that ordinary dinner? There was a meeting going on there,” he stated.

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