Money has been poured: Moses Kuria exposes new BBI plot by Junet Mohamed and Dennis Waweru

File image of Moses Kuria

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has revealed how Kenyans can make some quick cash by capitalizing on an opportunity offered by BBI Secretariat co-chairs Dennis Waweru and Junet Mohamed who he alleged are splashing cash around.

Kuria stated that all one needs to do is to convene a press conference to condemn the decision made by the five judges who declared BBI process illegal

In a post on Social media, Kuria wrote:

“Want to make some quick cash ? Call Dennis Waweru or Junet Mohammed and say you have a group that wants to hold a press conference to condemn the 5 judges.”

He stated that among the first beneficiaries are the National Conference of Commercial Sex Workers (NCCSW).

“The first one kicks off tomorrow by the National Conference of Commercial Sex Workers (NCCSW), Kirinyaga Chapter. I am still struggling to find out who is their patron/matron” Kuria wrote.

File image of Junet Mohammed and Dennis Waweru

The lawmaker has been celebrating the fall of BBI on social media with a series of posts targetting President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga.

“Enyewe wacha niadmit. Mimi hupenda Baba sana. Shida yake nikuwekwa box hivi hivi. Kama angekuwa dem angekuwa ametiwa ball 14 times by now bila kuolewa . Ya 14 ingekuwa hii BBI bonoko” reads one of his posts.

“Dear Raila Odinga. You dont belong to dictatorship. You belong to democracy. Come back home Baba. Redeem yourself Baba. You are not a robber baron Baba. They are making you look bad Baba” Read yet another.

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