Outrage as Nairobi Hawker Caught Fetching Sewage & Selling as Clean Water [VIDEO]

File image of Umoja Estate

Kenyans reacted with shock to the dire state of public sanitation in Nairobi County after a video that has since gone viral surfaced capturing a hawker fetching sewage and later distributing it as clean water at a Nairobi estate.

The video seen by Kenya Leo showed a man using a jerrican to fetch water at a sewage plant in Nairobi.

The footage captures the same man, believed to be hawking clean water, loading the water jerricans onto a handcart.

According to the witness who filmed the video, the incident occurred at Umoja Three estate and the water was meant for sale as clean water to area residents.

The matter was brought to the attention of the relevant authorities who promised that it would be looked into.

Watch the video below.

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