Tragedy Strikes Again for Kitengela Four: Victim’s Wife Miscarries, Mother Rushed to Hospital

From left to right: Elijah Obuong, Brian Oduor, Benjamin Imbai and Jack Ochieng

Tragedy has once again struck the family of one of the Kitengela four friends after the wife, as well as mother, to one of the four Kitengela friends were hospitalized as they are yet to come to terms with their kin’s disappearance.

Jack Anyango’s wife, Monicah Mugo, was admitted to Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) due to a miscarriage while the victim’s mother Olga Ochieng was rushed to Homa Bay County Hospital for stress-related problems.

So far, the bodies of Benjamin Imbai and Elijah Obuong were found and positively identified by their families.
Two of the Kitengela friends (Anyango and Brian Oduo)are yet to be traced.
Anyango’s elder brother, Cliff Ochieng stated that Anyango’s disappearence had taken a toll on their mother so much so that she developed health problems.

“Our mother has been depressed ever since the disappearance of her last born son,” Ochieng acknowledged.
Anyango’s family was also forced to Move from the Jacaranda home following his disappearnce.
“Life has been tough for me and our two-year-old son. I was six months pregnant. I have not been able to live in our rental house out of fear. I have been putting up with my sister,” Mugo stated in an interview with Nation.

She faulted the media for painting the picture of her husband as being involved in criminal activities, insisting that that her husband conducted honest business dealings without involvement in crime.

Ochieng also who disputed reports that his brother lived a large life.

An undated image of Anyango

He stated that Anyango had financial problems and his family bailed him out of debt on more than one occasion.

“My brother was a hustler. He took alcohol and had many friends. He was not a man of means like his peers. He had no criminal record. We raised money for him last year to offset his rent arrears for a two-bedroom house in Donholm Estate before he moved to a one-bedroom apartment in Jacaranda,” he stated.
The four friends went missing after having lunch at a popular club in Kitengela. This led to various speculations on the whereabouts of the men who mysteriously vanished at a glance.

However, days later, two of the bodies were recovered in a mutilated state with families positively identifying the bodies.

The police are currently trying to piece together information to discover what led to the death of the two as well as the whereabouts of Anyango and Oduor who are yet to be traced.

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