Wajir Governor Loses Seat After Senate Upholds Impeachment

Wajir Governor Mohamed Abdi

The Senate has today, Monday, May 17, voted to uphold impeachment charges against Wajir Governor Mohamed Abdi Mohamud.

25 Senators voted to uphold the impeachment charges after forming an eleven-member committee to look into the case made against the Governor.
The team was led by Nyamira Senator Okong’o Omogeni with the final verdict delivered by the Senate.

Two Senators voted to save the governor while four abstained.

Mohamud was impeached by the Wajir County Assembly on four grounds – financial impropriety, abuse of office, gross misconduct and violation of the constitution.
The special senate committee, after looking into the charges, dropped three charges after finding insufficient evidence.

Omogeni’s committee, however, recommended that the impeachment be upheld on one charge- gross violation of the constitution.

Among the issues brought forth by the Senate committee included; the debilitated health sector within the county as well as the issue of payment of contractors and county employees.

“When the health system of a county is going down and the county gives more than 20 percent of its budget to the health sector and you’re hearing strikes by county employees and then you’re told the majority of the equipment is not working especially in the Covid-19 period where Ksh194 million was given to the governor to cater to this issue.

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