Laikipia Woman Rep Cate Waruguru’s Husband Confirms Divorce From Wife of 10 Years

Cate Waruguru and Peter Waweru

Laikipia Woman Representative Cate Waruguru’s husband, Peter Waweru has revealed that he is divorcing his wife of 10 years.

Waweru made the revelations in a recent interview in which he stated that he has opted to end the union with Zipporah Njoki due to irreconcilable differences.

Among the irreconcilable differences between them involved alcohol.

The couple have who have three children together, have officially commenced the legal divorce proceedings as required in law

Waweru divulged that the couple has tried to resolve their problems through their parents but the interventions bore no fruit.

Njoki however insisted that they broke up after the businessman abandoned her to pursue Cate as his second wife.

She added that Waweru gave her an ultimatum to accept his second wife (Cate Waruguru) or forfeit their union and she opted for the latter.

The couple’s marital woes recently spilled to the public when Njoki claimed that she was assaulted by her co-wife, Cate Waruguru the Laikipia Woman Rep.

Njoki told the police that Peter and Cate visited their matrimonial home when the scuffle ensued but the businessman argued that he had been accompanied by his sister and not the politician.

Waweru also told the media that his relationship with the Laikipia Woman Rep was brewed during a time when he was experiencing frustrations in his first marriage.

Waweru found Waruguru, one of his childhood friends empathetic about his situation and they struck a cordial relationship and love blossomed.

They solidified their relationship by going through the Kikuyu customary marriage process and have since designated the titles of “husband” and “wife” to each other.

Waruguru was previously married to Nanyuki based lawyer, Kiprotich William Kiget.

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