Missing Wealthy Businessman’s Range Rover Found Burnt in Ngong Forest

File image of Deputy President William Ruto and a United States citizen Bashir Mahmoud in a photo

The Range Rover belonging to a wealthy businessman who went missing on Thursday, 13 May 2021 has been found burnt down at Ngong forest, Kajiado County.

Bashir Mahmoud, a Kenyan businessman who also holds United States’ citizenship was last seen at an entertainment joint in Miale, Lavington, before he went missing.

Bashir is a flashy and wealthy businessman who has previously been photographed with high profile individuals including President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto.

Five days later, his car, a Range Rover, has since been found burnt down at Ngong forest, Kajiado County with his family waiting to know his whereabouts.

His lawyers have raised an alarm following the incident, questioning how the vehicle got there and who could have burnt it even as the search for the missing businessman continues.

Alibaya Hassan, one of Mahmoud’s lawyers was quoted stating that “Some photographs were taken and they have been shared. All of us have seen a motor vehicle that has burnt. One at least remains with a shell and you can at least tell the make”.

Police officers probing the incident indicated that the remains of the vehicle have since been cleared from the scene of incident by unknown people with only the remains of ashes.

Nuru Said, another of Mahmoud’s lawyer, divulged that before his disappearance, he was supposed to meet some people for a business meeting. However, the meeting did not take place.

She added that being a US citizen, they will be seeking the help of the US embassy.

“With Bashir being a US Citizen, we will also be writing to the embassy so that they can intervene,” she stated.

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