Raphael Tuju’s Warning to Judges on Live TV Sends Tongues Wagging

Tuju's Warning to Judges Raises Concern

Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju and Cabinet Secretary without a portfolio, Raphael Tuju has sent tongues wagging with a stern warning to the 5-judge bench that declared the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) as null and void.

Tuju fired the warning during an interview on NTV on Monday, May 17, reminding the judges that they depend on the same government they were reportedly fighting and frustrating.
He also slammed the judges for disrespecting President Uhuru Kenyatta by referring to him as “Mr”, and also limiting his powers in his role as a symbol of national unity.

The five judges< Justices Teresia Matheka, Joel Ngugi, George Odunga, Jairus Ngaah, and Chacha Mwita – have been on the receiving end following that Thursday, May 13 ruling that the BBI initiative was unconstitutional and that Uhuru failed to respect, uphold and safeguard the Constitution by initiating a referendum.

“Judges should learn the word ‘interdependence’ because as soon as they finish a ruling, they need policemen to escort them home as guards or drivers. The world is much more complicated.
“We are a little more humble than the judges who say this is what is, period! If you don’t like it, period!” Tuju castigated the judges in what his critics termed as a premonition of the government withdrawing the justices’ security.

Tuju’s remarks saw several Kenyans and lawyers, led by Law Society of Kenya President Nelson Havi respond almost immediately.

Deputy President William Ruto, President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga at the launch of the BBI report at the Bomas of Kenya
Deputy President William Ruto, President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga at the launch of the BBI report at the Bomas of Kenya

“Raphael Tuju, hear and get me loud and clear. Your behaviour seems to know no limit. Judges volunteer to serve in an Arm of Government. Their security is not a privilege but a right. This is not the Uganda of the 1970s. Cross that line again and you will live to regret it,” Havi warned.

“Security to the judges is not a favour from the Executive but a right. The police service is not the property of the state but of all Kenya citizens. They must serve everybody without discrimination,” one J Kiprotich added.

During the interview, Tuju faulted those celebrating the ruling, warning that the initiative was aligned towards fostering peace and unity.

“People who are celebrating the High Court ruling that nullified the BBI are like dancing on the graves of those who died during political violence in Kenya. This kind of ruling (BBI) tests our institutions. If it was in some of the failed African states, military vehicles would be spotted on Nairobi roads.

Deputy President William Ruto was among the notable politicians who were excited by the ruling against BBI. The DP stated that Kenya’s democracy is anchored on the rule of law, constitutionalism, separation of power and respect for independent institutions.

“All patriotic citizens must defend these tenets just like the Judiciary did. Now let’s focus on covid vaccination, economic recovery, the Big 4 Agenda and unity. There is God in heaven who loves Kenya immeasurably. May God’s name be praised forever,” Ruto wrote in two separate tweets.

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