Latest Jobs in Kenya: Documentation of Achievements of the Project on Protecting Children from Sexual Violence in Kenya: 2001 – 2019-IJM

1.0 Background Information

1.1 About IJM

International Justice Mission (IJM) is a global organization that partners with local authorities to rescue victims of violence, bring criminals to justice, restore survivors, and strengthen public justice systems. Started in 2001, IJM’s office in Kenya works to combat police abuse of power against the poor, as well as sexual assault of children. IJM’s focus is to ensure the well-being of the families affected by this crime, the swift conviction of all involved, and systemic change in Kenya’s justice system to protect the poor and vulnerable from violence.

IJM’s Vision is to catalyze a global revolution in citizen security that moves governments in the world’s poorest communities to own the work of transforming their criminal justice systems to protect the poor from violence.

Our global team of over 1000 professionals are at work in over 25 countries all aiming at catalyzing a global revolution that will rescue millions, protect half a billion, and make justice for the poor unstoppable. Motivated by God’s call to seek justice for the oppressed IJM believes that the way we work is as important as the results we achieve.

1.2 Description of the Project

IJM Kenya has been combating child sexual violence through individual casework and targeted system reform projects in the law enforcement and aftercare sectors. The ultimate impact of the project is a reduction in the prevalence of child sexual violence and improved victim outcomes, stemming from a strengthened justice system.

IJM began operations to combat child sexual violence in Kenya in 2001. Through collaborative casework and targeted system reform projects, IJM has sought to increase the capacity of the criminal justice system to intervene on behalf of child victims of sexual violence, to lead to a reduction in the prevalence of sexual violence of children and improved victim outcomes.

The project is based on the theory of change that strong justice systems contribute to lower prevalence of crime against the poor and improved victim outcomes. IJM has observed that effective intervention by the justice system rescues individuals from abuse and holds perpetrators accountable for their crimes. This creates a deterrence effect that contributes to an overall reduction of the prevalence of child sexual violence.

To achieve the desired impact, project activities sought to identify loopholes through collaborative casework with justice system stakeholders and intervene through a multi-disciplinary approach in enhancing capacity for the criminal justice system actors.

IJM has since closed the case work type in its current programming except for the ongoing cases that are yet to be completed. We hope to create a publishable documentation and a short film/ documentary summarizing IJM’s Child Sexual Violence project over the past18 years using creative documentation methods.

2.0 Purpose of the consultancy

The purpose of this assignment is to document and compile success stories, case studies, key achievements and lessons learned attributable to Child Sexual Violence project gathered from beneficiaries, partners, and stakeholders. The task will specifically focus on the impact of various project interventions with more emphasis on the contribution that the project has made towards criminal justice system strengthening and improved victim outcomes. The findings shall inform decisions regarding future programming of similar projects on child protection.

2.1 Specific Objectives

Specifically, this consultancy shall seek to achieve the following:
a. To produce a publishable project review report that highlights key achievements (including project outputs and outcomes), successes, recommendations, lessons learned, and challenges experienced during the life of the Child Sexual Violence project.

b. To document evidenced based Case studies and success stories that are clear, concise, and well-written focusing on project achievements and impact among beneficiaries and partners.

c. To develop a high-quality documentary film highlighting project achievements and impact among beneficiaries and partners

2.2 Scope of work

In terms of scope, the documentation will look at national level system transformations as demonstrated by changes in policies, and in policing and prosecutorial practices as well as changes in reduction in the prevalence of sexual violence of children and improved victim outcomes.

3.0 Methodology

The assignment will mainly entail desk review of existing documents including project, activity reports and other relevant documents as well as interviews with criminal justice system actors, other partners and stakeholders together with children’s survivors of sexual violence.

In the production of the 12-minute film (to be submitted in 3 or more quality CDs or USBs), the consultant shall ensure there are appropriate narrations and edits to produce a high-quality documentary on the achievements and impact of the project. The complete film should have a professional voice over/narrator, use of computer graphics to indicate names, graphs and charts, and use of organization colors in the credits at the beginning and end of the film. Data collection shall feature interviews with beneficiaries depicting the before and after experiences of the individuals. The cover DVD of the film will be in color and encased in clear plastic case. The colors of IJM will be reviewed and approved by IJM.

3.1 Deliverables

The consultant(s) is expected to deliver the following outputs:
a. Inception report outlining the detailed approach and methodology to successfully execute the assignment.

b. Draft and final publishable project review reports

c. Broadcast (HD) quality final video, and final popular edited versions in DVD and MP4 formats.

d. All unedited footage (master copies of the documentary)

e. All pictures taken in high resolution hard drive in TIFF and Jpeg, and captioned

f. Case studies and success stories

4.0 Role of IJM and the consultants

4.1 IJM

a. Provide financial and logistical support for the exercise.

b. Provide technical oversight during execution of the consultancy.

c. Provide guidance for design of the documentation process.

d. Provide list of stakeholders and beneficiaries to be contacted.

e. Mobilize contact persons and partners to effectively participate in the documentation process.

f. Provide the relevant project reports and documents for review.

g. Review and provide feedback on the documentation process and products.

3.2 Consultant

a. Participate in the inception/briefing meeting.

b. Undertake document reviews.

c. Carry out interviews targeting selected/sampled respondents.

d. Design the video documentation plan in consultation with IJM.

e. Take stock of visual images and clips as guided under deliverables.

f. Synthesize and finalize all visual images and clips.

g. Conduct video interviews with selected stakeholders and beneficiaries.

h. Prepare and submit data supported reports as guided under deliverables.

i. Lead reflection event to present and reflect on the findings from the assignment.

j. Edit/incorporate feedback in the write-ups/reports based on agreed upon content, design and style and come up with a final version.

4.0 Time Frame

The assignment should take a maximum of I month or 30 days staggered between 15th June 2021 and 16th July 2021. A projected timeline is appended below:

Call Issued – 17th May 2021

Proposals Due – 28th May 2021

Vendor/Consultant Selected – 9th June 2021

Successful Bidder Notified – 11th June 2021

Contract Executed & Notice to Proceed – 15th June 2021

5.0 Qualification and Experience

A team comprising of skilled, competent, and experienced consultants is required with the following background, skills, and experience:

  • University Degree in any of the following: Journalism, Communications, Arts, Media; together with qualifications in law, public policy, governance, or social sciences. This assignment requires a multisectoral team with expertise covering all the documentation components described.
  • Knowledge of the Kenyan criminal justice system will be an added advantage.
  • Should have demonstrable experience in documenting justice related projects, children’s/ human rights, policy programs for a higher-level dissemination such as Mass Media.

· At least 3 years of experience high quality and captivating development work related non-technical write-ups, technical papers, reports, written case studies, short films/ videos and pictures for international organizations with the aim of reaching both local and international audiences.

· Exceptional oral and written communication and interpersonal skills**

  • Proven analytical and report writing skills in English is a must.

How to apply

5.0 Application Instructions

Interested individual consultants/consultancy firms are encouraged to send their bids, which should include the following:

  1. A letter of interest
  2. A technical proposal (maximum of 10 pages) that summarizes the consultant’s interpretation of the ToR. The proposal should also have detailed timeline and activity schedule of implementation of the assignment. If a team is being proposed, the technical proposal should summarize the team composition and responsibilities of each member.
  3. A copy of curriculum vitae (CV) of the lead consultant (and core team members) which should outline their qualifications and relevant experience with respect to this assignment.
  4. A financial proposal with a detailed breakdown of budget lines and costs (in Kenyan shillings) for conducting the documentation, including:

§ Itemized Consultancy fees/costs

§ Itemized field related and overhead expenses

  1. Two sample reports from similar assignments, conducted in the last 5 years: with 3 clear referees (names and contacts) from those assignments.
  2. Up to date Certificate of Tax compliance

6.0 Submission of proposal

Interested candidates/firms are advised to send their bids via email to: with the subject line entitled “CSA Documentation, 2021”. The applications must be received by May 28th, 2021. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Any form of canvassing will lead to disqualification from the bid.

IJM is an equal opportunity employer.

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