KTN’s Emotional Linda Ogutu mourns- I am broken, He … Pushed me into a great path in life

Award-winning media personality and KTN news anchor Linda Ogugu is in mourning following the death of her friend and Lawyer Joseph Wagara.

Revealing the sad news through a tweet, Linda stated that the lawyer pushed her out of comfort zone into a great path of life and shaping her into the person she is now.

Linda divulged that they ended up working in the same office with the lawyer, who would encourage her while she read in the library in the morning before work commences.

“Lawyer Joseph Wagara… He made me. I met him while hawking pencils outside Int. Life House…… Pushed me into a great path in life. I am broken… Rest in peace my friend. I am because of you.

Ended up working in the same office. My salary was veery little… But I used it to pay for my college… He would come to the office early morning and find me reading in the library… He said ‘one day, this will pay off” reads Linda Ogutu’s tribute.

Friends and netizens also joined Linda in mourning her friend with meassages of comfort and condolences as below.

“Pole Linda. There was a numbskull yesterday arguing that Kenya graduate do not make more money that the regular informal sector workers. You tribute here shows that education made the difference in securing your future and an educated man encouraged you and saw your potential” Noted Siku ya Kufa haina Masikio.

“Linda, pole sana. Mungu amueke pema. Amina” Ali Mwamvita Manzu.

“Linda, I feel for you. You have lost a True Friend, Mentor, Employer and a Masculine Figure in your Life. It is difficult for anyone, me included to understand what you are feeling. May your Loss gives you strength to strongly forge forward and discover New Paths of Life.” Mourned Julius Okuto.

“Sincere condolences Lindah. When I first heard this story, I was amazed at the personal resilience & Divine purpose. In life you never know from which hills salvation and greatness will come from. May Joseph Wagara’s soul rest in peace and his peeps granted patience and strength.”Wrote Chris.

“The World has recognized his strength and contribution here in Nairobi. I believe Wagara could not stop being proud of you, @lindahoguttu.Atimo mos ahinya kendo Nyasaye obed kod anyuond Ajuoga. 💐🌸” Geyfred said.

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