David Murathe under attack over his remarks on Senator Isaac Mwaura

Jubilee party Deputy Chairman David Murathe has found himself under fierce attacks following his recent sentiments on KTN TV after the ouster of Senator Isaac Mwaura from his seat.

This is after the former Gatanga legislator stated that the pigmentation of one’s skin color should never be considered as grounds for disability, as was the case for nominating senator Isaac Mwaura.

“I think Sophia, the pigment of somebody’s skin is not a disability. There is nothing that I can do that Mwaura cannot do, there is nothing that Gachagua can do that Mwaura cannot do, there is nothing that Mwaura can do that we cannot do. In fact, we are going to revisit the definition of persons living with disabilities,” he stated in the interview on May 20.

In a statement earlier today while referring to his remarks,the albinism society of Kenya condemned Murathe in the strongest terms, terming it a representation for all.

“Mwaura is not only a Member of Parliament with Albinism representing Persons with Disabilities but is also a role model and mentor to many Persons with Disabilities.

“Questioning his disability, therefore, questions the disability of all persons with Albinism that he identifies with or represents,” the society noted.

The organization added that people with the disability had gone through a lot to enable albinism being recognized in the list.

“Advocating for our inclusion in the mainstream society and subsequent recognition as a disability started in the early millennial years. Due to our efforts, the Board of Directors for the National Council for Persons with Disabilities in 2006 adopted an institutional policy that made Albinism a stand-alone category among the categories of disabilities,” they observed.

This comes just months after Suna East legislator Junet Mohamed recently claimed that the Senator bleached his skin to earn himself a nomination spot, raising a lot of concern with the society at the NClC.

He however defended himself that he was taken out of context and that he had no intention of attacking demeaning people living with albinism.

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