Sometimes you must deal with the crack, before it brings down the building…Bonchari was a mistake-Ngunjiri Wambugu confirms Matiang’i’s removal

Your Mum must be proud to see me associated with her-Ngunjiri Wambugu tackles Oscar Sudi, in Mother's day message comeback

Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu has exposed a plot to remove CS Fred Matiang’i from office.

In a scathing attack targeting the Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i, the Nyeri town lawmaker indicated that there was a CS who had gone rogue and needed to be dealt with.

“There is this one Cabinet Secretary who somehow thinks he’s untouchable. We get insulted here everyday as we protect the government he works for, then he thinks he can run over us the way he runs over everyone else,” Wambugu started.

“Even if we have to pool resources with UDA and ODM and make dealing with him a joint project; since he’s already also tried to run over them too.

“Sometimes you must deal with the crack, before it brings down the building. We can’t keep allowing some bureaucrats to keep making our politics harder than it already is, or should be…Bonchari was a mistake,” he added.

CS Fred Matiang’i

CS Matiang’i was accused by both the UDA and ODM factions of using state resources to campaign for the Jubilee candidate in the Bonchari by-elections that saw ODM demand for his sacking.

“Uhuru must sack Matiangi or send him to the ministry of wildlife,” ODM’s Edwin Sifuna slammed.

“Security forces exist to serve the people and not the interests of those out to conduct political experiments,” he stated.

Matiang’i is also on the firing line for DP Ruto’s troops with Oscar Sudi giving him two weeks.

“I want to tell you this, we’re going to impeach Matiangi, in the next two weeks, Matiangi must go home,” Sudi vowed.

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