You have crossed the line: KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua goes after Embambambamba over explicit (Video)

You have crossed the line: Ezekiel Mutua goes after Embambambamba over explicit video

Controversial Kisii gospel musician Embarambamba has attracted the wrath of KFCB Boss Ezekiel Mutua who warned him after an explicit video of his performance went viral.

Embarambamba whose real name is Christopher Mosioma caused a storm after his videos were shared online depicting content that did not resonate well with the moral cop.

The video shows Embarambamba gyrating on top of a female dancer in what depicts sexual dance.

Mutrua warned that the musician had crossed the red line, hinting at possible action.

Social media, however, remained split over the incident, some castigating the musician while some, urged him to explore his talents.

“Embarambamba this is GROSSLY INCORRECT. You listened to cheering voices of deceit and ran yourself into destruction. What you have done today is INEXCUSABLE,” David Osiany remarked.

“I am highly embarrassed by Embarambamba as one of those who offered him Support including interviewing him on a decent National platform.

“The video going round is dirty, not anywhere close to what he purports to be:- A gospel Artist,” Journalist Lofty Matambo noted.

The Gusii musician caught national headlines for his high-adrenaline performance either live or in his videos.

In, some instances, his acts have been viewed as dangerous, and he has on occasion revealed that he has been injured while doing his stunts.

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