Lonely Mike Sonko and Ferdinand Waititu crawl back to Uhuru Camp after being shunned by DP Ruto’s brigade

Mike Sonko Resurfaces With One Plea to The Government After Expose on The Rot in The Judiciary and Sex Web

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and his Kiambu counterpart Ferdinand Waititu are keen on mending fences with President Uhuru Kenyatta’s camp after being left high and dry by DP Ruto and his cronies.

Waititu and Sonko who were both allied to the Tanga Tanga faction of Jubilee before their impeachments have been in the cold after being shunned by the DP Ruto brigade and are now warming up to the head of state.

When Uhuru toured Kayole and Dandora areas of Nairobi recently, Waititu was caught on camera craving for Uhuru’s attention with a crowd that stopped the motorcade.

Waititu running alongside the President’s convoy

Sonko on the other hand took a sabbatical from politics after perhaps realizing that those he believed were his friends were not really his friends after he was shunned by the Tanga Tanga brigade at the height of his woes which saw him arrested.

He has since tonned down his attacks at the head of state and appears to appreciate him more by occasionally engaging his followers with kind words for the president.

He also shares photos of better days with the head of state before things fell apart. And today, he hailed the president as a performer, sharing photos of the many projects that the head of state has accomplished.

Analysts opine that it is just a matter of time before the duo find their way to the Kieleweke camp after realizing that Tanga Tanga brigade had nothing in store for them.

Waititu on the other hand has faded from the limelight and found himself a lonely man battling several court cases as the Tanga Tanga brigade simply moved on.

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