Details Emerge on Why Murdered Businessman Bashir Mohamed Wired Billions to Somali

Businessman Bashir Mohamed and the charred remains of his car

Details have emerged on why murdered Somali-American businessman Bashir Mohamed wired billions of shillings to Somalia.

His manager Leonard Makhokha defended the deceased from allegations linking him to illegal activities, explaining the purposes of the hefty transfers that caught the attention of investigators.

Makokha – the Operations Manager at Bashir’s company, Infinity Development – stated that the wire transfers were unrelated to illegal activities as alleged by multiple reports. Infinity Development is a design and construction company. 

The hefty sums were used to finance tenders that the wealthy businessman had won in his home country running into billions of shillings.

The deceased 36-year-old had reportedly won two tenders worth Ksh2.53 billion.

Why Businessman Bashir Mohamed Wired Billions to Somalia
Why Businessman Bashir Mohamed Wired Billions to Somalia

Ksh1.8 billion was channelled towards the construction of a prison in Somalia, under the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS). One phase of the project, construction of offices, and renovation of a children’s village were already completed.

Bashir was also set to construct the Mogadishu Ministry of Health headquarters and renovate the Presidential palace dubbed Villa Somalia. 

The second tender was reportedly a Ksh729 million construction contract awarded to him by the Ministry of Transport to construct cheap (affordable) houses in Nairobi. 

“He delivered quality projects on time and without asking for extra pay. I can say that we were close as we spent a lot of time together. He never told me of any threats on his life.

“At the same time, I don’t think the multi-million-shilling tender deals the company won could have directly led to his murder,” Makokha defended Bashir and distanced his tenders from his death. 

The manager added that evidence of his track record can be seen through the completion of the Ksh600 million Uhuru Business Park in Kisumu constructed under the supervision of President Uhuru Kenyatta. His clients, he added, were stunned by the death of the young tycoon. 

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