Uhuru meets DP Ruto for the first time after humiliation in Juja by-election (Photos)

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto today met for the first time at this year’s National Prayer breakfast at the Parliament building.

In their photo’s doing rounds in the Internet, the two masked leaders are seen happily greeting each other on the elbows in strict adherence to Covid-19 protocols.

They then walk through the gates of the parliament building leading the delegation in for this year’s edition of the prayer session.

The National Prayer breakfast is annual event organized by the government building where the nation comes together in prayers, and this year’s edition was hosted at the Parliament.

The event was an only invited one with to enable strict compliance with the Ministry of health laid down guidelines on the current pandemic.

This is the third time the two top leaders are meeting for the third time since their fall out began displaying publicly.
The to two last met two months ago on Thursday February 25, 2021 during a cabinet meeting at the Statehouse.

They have been on the warring paths with the head of state being on they record daring his deputy to ship out should he feel discontented with the government he is part.

President Uhuru had also accused his deputy of hypocrisy, only geared towards enjoying the successes of the government he constantly criticizes.

“We need to either work together or not. If they feel that the government is favorable to them, then they should work with us but if they disassociate themselves, then let them resign,” the president stated.

Ruto also accused his boss of leaving him in the cold to unite with the thieves contrary to their agreement while seeking power.

“There are people plotting to push me out of the Jubilee government. I’d like to ask when seeking leadership on Jubilee party, was Uhuru with me or with the thieves he’s currently with?” asked Ruto

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