Billionaire Politician’s family in ugly fight over his Billions

rader Nginyo Kariuki (left) with ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi

The family of billionaire politician Nginyo Kariuki is involved in an ugly tussle for the control of his vast estate valued at over 4 billion shillings.

At the center of the tussle is his daughter and son who are now not seeing eye to eye over what was meant to benefit them as each seeks to benefit the most.

Kariuki who passed away on 24 vFeb 2020 left a will to his widow, Margaret Wangari, the mother of James Kariuki and Jane Wambui. 

When two other women surfaced to lay claim on his empire, the family put up a united and spirited fight.

Shortly afterwards, divisions emerged as James, the eldest son, moved to court seeking to be allowed to run the estate. 

He alleged that his mother and siblings had conspired and transferred over Ksh71 million to their accounts without his consent.

Late Businessman and Politician Nginyo Kariuki and ODM leader Raila Odinga.

James further demanded that all the amount accrued from their rental homes be saved at the father’s account as they were part of his wealth set to be split among them.

Wambui moved to court in retaliation, countering his brother who she accused of attempting to take control of the late TNA founder’s bank accounts, rents, homes, parcels of land, a company, high-end cars and multi-million government bonds.

“Since February 2008, the applicant (James) was removed as a signatory to all company accounts by the deceased as noted in the bank mandate letter.

“And there is no property registered in the name of Lawrence Nginyo Kariuki where rent is not being paid,” Wambui said, adding that all the properties are well maintained and there is no risk of disrepair or wastage as alleged by James.

Wambui claimed that the politician loaned James  Ksh21 million before passing away. 

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