Watch MP rolling on the ground imitating Embarambamba after a fiery speech (Video)

File image of Embarambamba in action

Lurambi MP Bishop Titus Khamala resorted to rolling in the ground like musician Embarambamba who has become an internet sensation due to his theatrics that involve rolling on the ground and in mud.

Speaking in Western on Thursday, May 27, Khamala who was stressing the importance of the Luhya community to unite behind a national leader such as former Vice President Musalia Mudavadi found it fit to roll on the ground imitating Embarambamba to drive his point home.

Cheered on by the crowd, the lawmaker described Mudavadi as a joyful, humble and gentle politician with a good background in economics and who is the solution to Kenya’s leadership problems.

“Let those who don’t want Musalia come out and offer themselves as alternatives. If you oppose Mudavadi yet you aren’t a better choice, then whom do you want?” the MP dramatically asked as he fell on the ground and started to roll over.

The small crowd that had gathered laughed and cheered the bishop’s spirited call for unity as he drummed his message before taking to the ground rolling.

Such theatrics have become synonymous with Embarambamba who has received criticism for his stunts which involved throwing himself on the ground and sometimes in muddy water.

When he is not taking a dip in mud, Embarambamba can be found dangling on a cow’s back or dancing on the roof of a mud house somewhere in Kisii.

Khamala is a critic of former UNCTAD Secretary General Mukhisa Kituyi whom he accused of being disconnected to the people.

He said that the former UN boss had been out of touch with the lives of ordinary Kenyans including not being available to attend burials in the region.

“Kijana wa diaspora hakujangi matanga, Mukhisa hakujangi matanga. Sasa akija huku mumpige fine ya elfu kila mtu kwa sababu hakujangi matanga,” the MP said.

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