Fireworks on social media as Mike Sonko announces Presidential ambitions

Mike Sonko announces Presidential ambitions

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has announced his bid to occupy State House as Kenya’s President.

The flamboyant politician who rose from humble beginnings to become Makadara MP, Nairobi Senator and eventually governor revealed that he will be eyeing the seat in 2027.

He added that to achieve this, he will be relying on support and prayers from Kenyans.

“Kwa Mapenzi ya Mungu na kura zenu Kati ya 2027 na 2032 inshallah God willing mpaka ndani ya nyumba mlimani.“Sonko wrote.

The announcement which was shared by the former Nairobi county boss on social media was well received among his followers who urged him on.

Hamisi Kote Ali wrote: Mzito you had a direct ticket nivile tu ulijichanganya but success is not a direct ticket, it has ups and down. You have learnt your mistakes, you can still Dream and make it nothing is impossible.

James Kivuva had no kind words for Sonko writing: “You have to learn new management skills and prove it. You already failed to Run a small city. Could not fix drainage problems and water issues roads work quality etc how will you run the State with same management ability?”.

“The worst mistake you can do is to retire from politics even for single term, once you went for political break you are forgotten. The best i can advice you, is to be a strong man, politician should not be a coward or somebody who give up run fast you first go one step backward to gain enough force for forward run.just go back to senate or mp seat, you come out stronger.”Wrote Michael Njuguna.

Newton Mwangi Mandevu delved into Sonko’s theatrics writing: “Itabidi ulale uamke na ndoto ingine cuz labda unaweza amka ukiwa prezzo uanze kuleak recording yako na prezzo fulana akitaka umuuzie Kenya nusu.”

Jim Napthali: Be humbled and reflect on your life. Rectify whatever wrong you might have done. With God everything is possible.

Martin Muita: So just be in social media, last year you misused public properties and funds thus rendering you…..

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