New cracks emerge in Jubilee amid reports of tension and looming fallout

New cracks emerge in Jubilee amid reports of tension and looming fallout

Months after the ruling party mounted attacks on the Deputy President Willliam Ruto loosening his grip on the the party, the Jubilee party is current facing another major implosion.

This is after fresh power games over its control emerged within the ruling oufit, threatening its unity ahead of the forthcoming 2022 general election.

Reports indicates that President Uhuru Kenyatta’s allied Kieleweke leaders are currently pushing for an overhaul in the party’s leadership, to strengthen it ahead of the 2022 general lections.

This comes amid further reports of protests within the party as some senior civil servants have hijacked critical activities of the party that has seen the party lose in the recent by-elections.

Speaking to The Star, a section of the party allied leaders noted that the party’s popularity has since dipped, accross the Country and some radical surgery needs to be done in readiness for 2022.

Led by National Assembly deputy Majority whip Maoka Maore who noted that the Pangangi house needs to be cleaned ahead of the 2022 general elections.

“The top priority of Jubilee at the moment is working on radical changes to the leadership. The changes will be done soon,” the Igembe North MP told the Star.

His words were echoed by the Jubilee party’s secretary-general Raphael Tuju who also admited that the party was gearing-up for major changes in the next 12 months in readiness for the polls.

“We will revitalise the party and there is no conflict between what the politicians are saying (about changes) and the position of the party,” Tuju said of the MPs’ push for changes.

Reports also showc that the Jubilee Advisory Council the supresme decision making authority of the party advised President Uhuru to oversee changes at the Pangani house.

Nyeri town legislator Ngunjiri Wambugu went on the record staing that the legisltors will soon seize the activities of the party.

“Moving forward, you are going to see a stronger presence of MPs in the running of the party. We are going to take charge of the political aspects of the party,” Wambugu said.

Ngunjiri continued that moving foward, they will tell off those trying to kill the oufit adding that they can’t afford to face the general election with a weak party.

“As politicians we have the most stake in the party and we would not want to approach the next elections when the party is weak. When we see something wrong being done, we are definitely going to call it out,” he said.

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