Award-winning Journalist Grace Kuria pens emotional tribute to her late father

Award-winning media personality Grace Kuria has jotted a heartfelt tribute to her late father years after his untimely death.

Describing the tough after life, the China Television Global Networks noted that she chose the day to also remember those who have lost their dads too.

The journalist also delved into the shock, disbelief and uncertainties that engulfed her world then, noting that sometimes the pains come back and feels so fresh.

“5 years.A night like this five years ago was the worst night of my life. It was filled with shock, disbelief, so many questions, uncertainties, tears and so many more not so good things. My father left me on this day, May 28. He taught me a lot of things except how to live without him.”

“5 years on, I still mourn you dad, sometimes the pain feels so fresh, actually most times. On this day, I choose to thank the people who’ve held me, the person who I have called and just expressed all my feelings, my disappointments, my wishful thinking, all those feelings. The person I’ve called and just cried, cried a river until there were no more tears to shed. On this day, I choose to remember people like me who’ve lost their dads, it’s tough, it really is, but just hang in there, God got us, He is the father to the fatherless.”

She however thanked her mother and dear family in supporting her during the trying times.

“Thank you mama, thank you my brother Collins, thank you to my man.I like what Pastor Meja told me a while back, my dad ‘went to be with the Lord.’ Daddy, James Erastus. I thank God for the years mum, bro, and I had with you. You’re: forever loved. Forever cherished. Forever remembered. I love you so much❤❤❤,” read her statement.

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