DANIDA provided a four (4) year funding support to Save the Children International (SCI) and SCI Pan Africa Advocacy Office (PAO) who partnered with Africa Capacity Alliance (ACA) in a project dubbed Danida CIV LOT – Realizing children (girls and boys) and youth’s rights to protection and participation through enhanced capacity of Regional (HoA) Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) implemented between 2018 and 2021 in order to achieve the following outcomes:

i. Capacity of Regional CSOs and youth networks strengthened.

ii. Regional CSOs’ and youth networks’ advocacy informed by gender-sensitive evidence at sub-regional level.

iii. CSOs, children and youth priorities are captured into AU, IGAD and HoA governments’ decisions and policy outcomes.

iv. State accountability for children and youth protection and participation rights strengthened at regional level.


The need for a regional model legislation on ending child marriage and the proposed process for technical support towards the drafting of a model law is in response to the prevailing shortfalls in regional legislation to contribute towards ending child marriage; as well as tackle the endemic implementation gap across the Horn of Africa region including Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Ethiopia, and Somalia (Somaliland) in ending child marriage.

Countries within the region are currently either in the process of formulation or review of legislation geared towards ending child marriage; and accelerating efforts to address implementation gaps.

There has been a growing momentum to end child marriage in Africa since 2014 when the African Union launched the AU Campaign to End Child Marriage; and subsequently as of June 2015, all AU Member States endorsed the African Common Position to End Child Marriage. These initiatives have driven a growing political momentum at the national level within the region and there has been a significant push across the region relating to the prevention and response towards ending child marriage at the national levels.

A regional model law will provide a guide to the initiatives and interventions, as well ensuring that there will be adherence to regional and international human rights normative frameworks to keep the momentum to end child marriage. The model legislation will assist the CSOs networks and partners to lobby for legislative reform in ending child marriage at national levels; and address all the relevant areas in need of legislative reform without interfering with the authority of national legislatures.


It is against this background that Africa Capacity Alliance wishes to engage the services of an experienced and qualified legislative drafter(s) to spearhead the process to formulate a draft HoA model law to end child marriage.

The aim is ensuring that there is regional harmonization of national level legislations addressing child marriage issues to seal the implementation gaps and enable legislators to respond more effectively to their legislative requirements to end child marriage.

The main objective of the model law will be to serve as a yardstick, guidance, and an advocacy tool for the CSO partners and networks, legislators and other key stakeholders in the region and provide better practice language which will then be easily adopted in national level initiatives/interventions.


  1. A comprehensive review of relevant literature and legislations on child marriage to inform the understanding of the context relating to ending child marriage in the HoA region.**
  2. **Prepare a comprehensive outline document that will inform and assist in identifying key thematic areas relating to policy questions which will inform the content of the proposed model law.
  3. Develop a position paper highlighting issues relating to child marriage and the law in the HoA region; and to inform the drafting of the model law and consultations with the CSO partners/networks.**
  4. **Spearhead and moderate a regional consultative forum with the CSO partners/networks including relevant stakeholders, and ensure that the consultations outcomes inform the development of the model law.
  5. Develop a draft HoA model law on ending child marriage in consultation with the CSO partners/networks and relevant stakeholders that is all inclusive.**
  6. **Incorporate comprehensive proposals and amendments made during the consultative forums of the draft model law.
  7. Participate in advocacy efforts for the promotion of the Horn of Africa model law on ending child marriage.**
  8. **Liaison with the technical working team throughout the process to get directional insight on the assignment.
  9. Develop the final model law on ending child marriage with full commentaries and references inclusive of an explanatory memorandum. **


  1. An inception report inclusive of a detailed methodology for the efficient completion of the consultancy.
  2. A comprehensive outline of the proposed model law.
  3. A position paper.
  4. A comprehensive draft model law on ending child marriage with references and an explanatory memorandum.
  5. Production of revised drafts of the model law based on the comments and input received from CSO partners and relevant stakeholder’s consultations.
  6. Comprehensive presentations on the model law as presented during the regional comprehensive forums.


  1. Master’s Degree in Law with a specialization in legislative drafting.
  2. A minimum of ten (10) years’ experience in legislative drafting.
  3. Substantial experience in and evidence of reviewing and drafting domestic legislation in the HoA region.
  4. Substantial experience and understanding of child rights in the context of ending harmful cultural practices.
  5. Knowledge and experience in review and analysis of international law in this thematic area, including CEDAW, the Maputo Protocol, regional and other UN instruments.
  6. Exceptional communication (both written and verbal) and IT skills including the capacity to convene virtual and/or remote consultative forums.


Interested qualified individuals are required to submit an Expression of Interest (Technical and Financial proposal) to undertake this assignment which should include the following in their application:

  1. A cover letter introducing the consultant(s) and indicating reasons for their expression of interest in undertaking the assignment.
  2. An outline of the proposed methodology, time schedule and detailed work plan.
  3. A detailed budget for the assignment.
  4. A detailed curriculum vitae of the proposed consultant(s) (not more than 4 pages for each) with referees.
  5. An excerpt of similar assignments.

How to apply

Applications for the above should be sent to the following email address: and cc and by Wednesday 9th June, 2021 at 12:00 Noon East African Time (EAT).

Kindly insert “**ACA Danida Lot CIV_HoA Model Law on ECM**” in the email subject line.

Note: Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

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