Singer B-Classic lashes out at Eric Omondi on National TV, vows revenge (Video)

Singer B-Classic lashes out at Eric Omondi on National TV

Fast-rising hitmaker and Champion studios signee B-Classic 006 has lashed out at Eric Omondi, expressing his displeasure at the comedian’s decision to feature his rumoured girlfriend Gigy Money in his wife Material show.

Classic who made an appearance on Citizen TV’s 10over10 mentioned that he did not like the idea of Omondi using the Tanzanian video vixen in his show, yet he knows that they (Classic and Gigy) were an item and vowed revenge.

“Eric amenikosea sana …Haina haja leo hii wewe unakipenzi chako cha roho alafu yeye anakuja anamteka anampeleka kwa wife material. Ni kosa kubwa sana lakini nitakuja kulipiza tu one day, haya ni Maisha tu ya kawaida. Nitalipiza tu oine day haya ni Maisha tu ya kila siku” B-Classic 10 Over 10 show host, Willis Raburu.


Rumours of B-Classic and Gigy Money being an item surfaced last year and made rounds with the duo even teaming up in a Collabo called Ukinigusa.

His allegations come just days after Omondi announced the cancellation of his Wife Material show over a rogue contestant for yet another time.

 A section of the fans insinuated that Gigy Money was the ‘Rogue’ contestant in question, and implored the President of Comedy in Africa to carry on with the show.

In an explanation, Omondi noted that the continuation of Wife Material Season 2 had been annulled “We say farewell to Season two”.

“Sadly, It seems #WifeMaterial2 was never meant to happen, but we can still say it happened in away, actually twice. The show was to begin tomorrow as has been heavily advertised but unfortunately that won’t be so.

The idea behind #WifeMaterial is to Entertain but most importantly to ensure that the Contestants are Comfortable, Safe and having the time of their lives while Contesting, Unfortunately one of the Contestants went Completely and utterly “Rogue” and despite numerous attempts to Control the situation the atmosphere in the house has not been conducive for the show to continue. We say farewell to Season two. Season 3 will Start almost immediately. 🙏🙏🙏🙏 announced Eric Omondi.

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