Stop peddling lies! Fireworks as Kenyans defend Uhuru, call out Moses Kuria as his attack on the president backfires badly

Moses Kuria's attack on Uhuru's legacy backfires

Kenyans made mince meat of Moses Kuria when his attack on President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Kisumu visit backfired badly.

Comments made by the Gatundu South MP appeared to have angered Kenyans who came out in their hundreds to set the record straight, accusing the MP of peddling lies and acting out of jealousy at a time when he has done nothing for his won people.

“Among the projects that President Kenyatta will launch in Kisumu is the Ksh 599 Million Uhuru Business Park that was specifically built to accommodate traders who were evicted from Railways land to pave way for expansion of Kisumu Port. This is good news indeed. Perhaps we need Muigai Business Park for other evictees in Kariobangi, Dandora, Embu, Ruai, Ol Kalou, Naivasha and Karatina” Kuria wrote.

Netizens had little time for his belated concerns and hypocrisy arising from bitterness after falling out with the President and turning into his critic.

Collins Wanderi: Talk nicely to H.E. Uhuru Mûigai Kenyatta Mhe. Moses Kuria. He will listen. And you know that I know you are in a position to get the message to him. He has 11 months left of “effective” executive power. Do not use bellicose language on him in the interim and you’ll get many things done. In Gatûndû South as well as other pockets of your village chama’s support base. Btw, ata Jo Kisumu ni Wakenya. They deserve good things, uwinjo? #Nihayotu

Mireri Junior Wuod Amary: When Kenyans will start counting things/institutions or projects in Kiambu and are not in their regions, you will be the first person to flash the tribal card ooh they hate tribe X ooh….

Wangai Peter:The same way we need Murilo road cutting across all Western Counties,reminiscent of Mau mau road. You think you can incite your gullible followers through developments done in other parts of the country.

Meshack McOkirih: Come on kuria… better than this! You can’t win this war of comparison, if anything to go by then thika high way alone should be in turkana,mandera,pilot,narok, meru, and other places!

Otieno Jack Otieno: Wacha wivu, we only grabbed your president the other day and we are now more than ready to vote him for third ‘term’ na aturingi.

By the way during his first term “we kehez” we were busy opposing him,you could have made use of that time.

Chesengeny Mutai Tobius: This is development jealousy 😤


Let Kisumu be and shine for once,since 1963 Nyanza has never felt the impact of their taxes.

Kisumu is in Kenya not Uganda

Hongos Otieno: You are trying to incite Kenyans… Play clean politics and such developments will come your way.

Jaffe Ogilla: You become a useless leader if you think that some parts in this country should never be developed. Your county alone has enjoyed mega projects since independence apart from Nairobi. But you’ve never heard such kinds of complaints from others.

John Gikaara: This is stupid argument if at all you and your fellow leaders had set aside selfishness n unnecessary politics and support the president we could have gotten goodies.

Hellen Njenga: Thank you Mheshimiwa wangu but please remember we also need Ruto Plantations and Estates to accomodate victims of PEV and mostly kiambaa crash victims.

Mutuma Jonathans: What have you done to your area constituents with cdf money allocated to your office every year in/out.. jealous selfishness kuwa mpole.

Robert Ndungu: There are projects in Kiambu Mhesh.Stop peddling lies..Each area in this nation also deserves development projects.

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