Angry Moses Kuria launches tirade against Uhuru in mad rant on social media

Moses Kuria

Gatundu South lawmaker Moses Kuria took to social media in a mad rant, attacking President Uhuru Kenyatta’s legacy project.

The attack appears to have been triggered by the nag of goodies that the head of state unleashed during his ongoing tour of Nyanza province in the company of Raila Odinga where they launched several projects, attracting protests and attacks from the Tanga Tanga brigade allied to DP Ruto.

Taking to social media, Kuria trained his guns on the affordable housing program that the head of state launched to make decent and affordable housing available to millions of Kenyans.

Kuria wrote that the same initiative has since been forgotten noting that it appeared during the pre-historic times.

“Once upon a time, between the arrival of Sir David Livingstone and the rule of Lwanda Magere, there used to be a programme known as Affordable Housing” Kuria wrote.

Pomp and Colour as Uhuru arrives in Kisumu (Photos)
Pomp and Colour as Uhuru arrives in Kisumu (Photos)

Collins Wanderi reminded him that the initiative is a work in progress that has seen several units unveiled.

He added that Kuria was simply bitter because his side did not get the opportunity to fleece Kenyans as they lost out on all tenders.

“It is WIP Hon. Moses Kuria, but since your side did not any of the juicy contracts, you’re entitled to complain. I suggest you read the book, “It is Our Turn to Eat” by Michela Wrong. When your time to eat comes do not forget us. At least we are listening to your complaints and rants. It is all we can do. If you are complaining and you’re in the kitchen you can imagine how those of us outside the gate are feeling. Only the aroma of the broth is hitting our noses. At least you can see the food. Be happy!” Wanderi wrote.

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