Kanze Dena Cheekily Responds to Kenyans Making Fun of Her for Saying 35TH May

Kanze Dena Mararo

State House spokesperson Kanze Dena Mararo became an instant internet sensation after she had a slip of the tongue the other day while at work with Kenyans made fun of her for saying 35TH May.

The slip of the tongue happened when she was providing an update of the visit of Burundian President Evariste Ndayishimiye when she mentioned that the visiting head of state will arrive in the Country on May 35th instead of May 31st.

Kenyans could not let the opportunity slide as they seized the opportunity to make fun of the eloquent and soft-spoken Kanze Dena.

Many joked that it seems State House was operating on a calendar of their own that had as many as 35 days a month and that’s why she said 35th May.

A section of netizens however defended her stating that anybody can make a mistake.

The raging discussions prompted Ms Dena to respond (jokingly) that soon they will be unveiling calendars that have date 35th.

She engaged netizens, stretching the joke as many more jumped into the frenzy.

Below are some responses sampled by Kenya Leo.

Elsie_Stephens “@Kanze_dena Mahanam, bashasha, 35th manenos”.

Replied “@Elsie_Stephens mbaya mbovu ndo na print calnder nikutumie dadangu”

Kanze Dena Cheekily Responds to Kenyans Making Fun of Her for Saying 35TH May

Another fan added “Even that Calendar is Unconstitutional?

Kanze replied “Hebu niambie…kumbe calendar is a constitutional document? Thanks for the heads up”.

Dambaken asked “Hiyo ni Calender gani unatumia?

She said “Coming soon”.

“Hiyo tarehe 35th ni nini”

She said “Coming soon dear”.

Hivi date 35 iko mwezi gani? another asked

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