Moses Kuria’s attack on Uhuru’s legacy backfires

Moses Kuria's attack on Uhuru's legacy backfires

Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria met the wrath of Kenyans who put him in his place when he attempted to attack President Uhuru Kenyatta’s legacy.

Kuria revisited the affordable housing project that were once President Uhuru Kenyatta’s dream in the current regime.

Taking to social media Moses Kuria wrote: “Once upon a time, between the arrival of Sir David Livingstone and the rule of Lwanda Magere, there used to be a programme known as Affordable Housing” Wrote Moses Kuria.

His remarks however did not auger well with the netizens as a number took him head with mixed reactions as below.

“Uhuru is NOT standing for re-election. You are wasting your energy on the wrong target just because you did not get any contracts. Direct your misplaced anger to those running next year.” Replied Antony Kamau.

“Oh MK…hii BCOM ulisoma ni kaa it didn’t real help you as much…at the time when you were yelling and yapping in cheers of the project some of us had a simple stand “we don’t need GoK built affordable housing – all we need is enabling economic environment that in which we Kenyans can afford to build” na hiyo ndio handshake imeleta…these infrastructural project Uhunye anamwaga are another enabling factor…sasawa” Omasso Wo Omasso opined.

Moses Kuria's attack on Uhuru's legacy backfires
Moses Kuria’s attack on Uhuru’s legacy backfires

“It is WIP Hon. Moses Kuria, but since your side did not any of the juicy contracts, you’re entitled to complain. I suggest you read the book, “It is Our Turn to Eat” by Michela Wrong. When your time to eat comes do not forget us. At least we are listening to your complaints and rants. It is all we can do. If you are complaining and you’re in the kitchen you can imagine how those of us outside the gate are feeling. Only the aroma of the broth is hitting our noses. At least you can see the food. Be happy!” Stated Collins Wanderi.

“Uhuru took the bast tracjectory ever immediately after the handshake. He has distributed development projects evenly across all parts of this country as opposed to your wish. I know kikuyus are bitter simply because development can be seen in nyanza but let me remind you that nyanza is in Kenya.” John Mbugua.

“Then come a fasco dagama wa kutenga calling them fake agiiki.continue making noises ,forget your pple thinking your noises will do more maendeleo mheshi.its not the time of noises” Nancy Muthoni.

“How can affordable housing help someone whose family has an unbreakable record of looting every available public resource?” Marc Mutahi.

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