“Alinikatia Nikakubali” Cate Waruguru Gives Hilarious Response After Involvement in Ugly Fight Over Man and Claims of Snatching Someone’s Husband

Cate Waruguru

Love is a beautiful thing to experience and people go to great lengths to experience the feeling, with chaos resulting in some instances.

In the latest instance of love resulting in conflicts, Laikipia Woman Representative Cate Waruguru is embroiled in an ugly fight over a man with the conflict spilling out into the public.

Allegations surfaced to the effect that the sassy women rep walked into another woman’s marriage and snatched her man, allegations that she has since denied.

The woman identified as Zipporah Njoki accused the Woman Rep of luring away her husband identified as Peter Waweru.

The lawmaker however maintained that she was approached by Waweru for a love affair and she welcomed the advances and found love.

“I am not husband snatcher. Mimi Hukatiwa sikatiwangi (I am chased, I don’t chase). So please ask your men why they chase after me,” she said in an interview with Tuko.

The lawmaker added that the man in question is a childhood friend.

“The truth of the matter is Peter Waweru is not new to me. He is my childhood friend. Alinikatia na nikakubali. He is my man. Mali safi,” Waruguru said.

“These women who are complaining should do their homework well on their men and check around if there are areas of improvement that probably they need to work on if they need to keep them,” she asserted.

Reports of the two having an affair emerged in December last year when Njoki was allegedly locked out of Waweru’s graduation and shortly afterwards, claims that Waruguru had gone to kick out her love rival from her Mombasa House emerged.

The much-sought after man has since linked his woes to a female politician who he alleged attempted to lure him into an affair unsuccessfully.

Waweru also maintained that he divorced Njoki adding that she is his ex-wife and is currently married to Waruguru.

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