Heart-broken Nyota Ndogo speaks on being single after fallout and separation with her mzungu husband

Singer Nyota Ndogo and husband Henning Nielsen

Award-winning songstress Nyota Ndogo (Mwanaisha Abdalla) has hinted at the end of her marriage and getting single after a fallout with her Danish husband.

The admission comes after months of pleading that also saw her take to social media pleading with Henning Nielsen to return home.

It all began on April fools when the songstress pulled a pregnancy prank that did not go down so well.

In the latest update, the heartbroken artiste who appears to have resigned to fate took to social media writing:

“I think I’m starting to get used to the heartbreak. What I mean is that I have begun accepting the harsh reality, but I am not exactly sure things are going right for me,” Nyota Ndogo posted on her Facebook page.

In the Month of April, 2021 the Watu na Viatu artist made several appeals to have her Dutch husband come back to her in vain.

The heartbroken Artist took to her social media page and posted a message revealing that she has come into the harsh reality that she is now single.

Nyota Ndogo’s husband of seven years had cut communication with her after the singer had posted on her Facebook page that she was expectant on April Fools’ Day. Reports revealed that the two had been apart for over three months at the time of her Fools’ Day joke.

However, Her husband appeared to have been disappointed with her news of being expectant. “Please come back to me. It is not even money I am after but your love. I used to act like I don’t care because I can feed myself, sleep well, and can pay my bills, but the one thing I sure miss is your love,” Nyota Ndogo pleaded.

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