Security officers intervenes, intercepting man from accessing the podium during Uhuru’s Madaraka day speech

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s secuty detail was once again today June 1, 2021, put to test in Kisumu’s Jomo Kenyatta sports ground during this years Madaraka day celebrations at the lakeside City.

This is after a middle aged man was once again intercepted by the security officers as he was making his way to the dais when President Uhuru delivered his speech.

The officers stopped the man who was on the verge of breaching security protocol when the President asked the security officers to just let him go.

The head of state’s attention was drawn after a commotion ensued while he was addressing Kisumu residents during the Makadara Day celebrations.

He then intervened with a “Wachana an yeye,” statement as he giggled while the officers whisked away the man who had emerged from the crowd heading to the main podium.

This follows just days after yet another man blocked presidential motorcade in Nairobi’s Lucky Summer area.

Addressing the media later on Kepha Nyambane the 30 year old man indicated that it was the time economic times that pushed him to the extremes seeking presidential attention while looking for an engagement to fend for his family.

“Ukiona nimesimama mbele ya msafara ya rais nimefika mwisho. Mimi sikuwa na nia mbaya, nlikuwa naomba niongee na yeye,” he said.

Nyambane confirmed that President Kenyatta promised to have a talk with him after the incident.

“Nilipoona wameshuka, wengine wanakuja nkahofia, lakini kabla wanifikie, aliwaambia (Uhuru) wachana na huyu kijana na akaniambia kijana tutaongea,” Nyambane said.

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