CS Summoned over rising fuel prices in Kenya

Cabinet Secretary in the Ministry of Petrolium and Mining has finally been summoned by the Senate house Committee on Energy following the recent recent sky-rocketing fuel prices witnessed in the Country.

The Committee on Energy summoned the CS over the galloping fuel costs after the energy regulator increased prices for the super petrol despite a fall in the average cost of importation of petroleum products.

This is after the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) had already raised the price of super petrol by Ksh3.56 per litre while costs of diesel and kerosene remained constant between May 15 and June 14.

The authority increased the prices of super petrol by Ksh7.63 per every litre, diesel by Ksh5.75 per litre and kerosene by Ksh5.41 per litre, the highest increase ever experienced in the last decade.

This would in return raise the cost of living as the energy costs directly impacts on the cost of production and transportation of the people raw materials for production and finished products.

In the Kenyan capital Nairobi, the cost of Super petrol rose to Ksh126.37 while those of diesel and kerosene remained unchanged at Ksh107.66 and Ksh97.85, since it took effect.

On the Contrary,the cost of importing Super Petrol decreased by 0.57 percent to Ksh48,800 per cubic metre in the month of April from Ksh49,150 per cubic metre in March while that of diesel declined by 1.03 percent to Ksh43,960 per cubic metre from Ksh44,417 per cubic metre during the same period.

While the average landing cost for imported kerosene increased by 2.01 percent to Ks43,040 per cubic metre from Ksh42,190 per cubic metre during the period.

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