LSK President Nelson Havi condemns CJ Martha Koome over handling Uhuru’s remarks to the judiciary

President of the Law Society of Kenya Nelson Havi has taken a swipe at the Chief Justice of Kenya Martha Koome following how she handles President Uhuru Kenyatta in the ongoing BBI appeal.

Tking to his official Twitter account Havi condemned Koome’s silence of President Uhuru’s yesterday remarks during the Madaraka day celebrations terming it a threat to the Judicial independence.

Havi however praised the actions of appellate judge Daniel Musinga for his bold and immediate response to the President’s remarks.

“Chief Justice Martha Koome should have by now defended the independence of the Judiciary, threatened by pronouncements of the Executive in an attempt to influence the outcome of the BBI Appeal.”
“Well done President Daniel Musinga JA for the firm directions on the matter,” Havi stated.

On his part Justice Daniel Masinga called for responsible and respectful comments on the matter, while allowing the judiciary to do its work.

“Let us respect one another and be balanced in our comments. Please allow the court to make a fair properly informed decision without unnecessary attacks, comments by all concerned.”

During his speech, the head of state noted that the judiciary was out to frustrate his regine, thereby citing a few nulfications done by the judicial wing in the recent past to back his claim.

“The Judiciary has tested our constitutional limits, but not broken them. We must follow the Rule of Law and obey the decisions of the courts but the sovereign and supreme voice of the People of Kenya must also be followed and that is why our National Conversation today must focus on the Burden of Choice.

“BBI is meant to build bridges, create inclusive politics, and to end the ethnic majoritarianism of two tribes,” Uhuru stated.

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