Moses Kuria’s attack on Uhuru with bitter remarks backfires

Moses Kuria's attack on Uhuru's legacy backfires

Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria hit out at President Uhuru Kenyatta following his yesterd’s speech during the 58th Madaraka day Celebrations in Kisumu County.

Taking to Social media the Tanga Tanga legislator delved on the head of State’s unkindness to the Judiciary arm of the government following his speech that seriously touched on them, noting that Kenyatta on other people’s pain.

“Even Moi was never this unkind and intimidating to the Judiciary.  And on no other day than Madaraka
Day. Nooo. You are that one person who is gaining by inflicting pain on the Nation. Shocking! Frightening!.Stay Woke Kenyans !” Moses Kuria Wrote.

His sentiments were however met with mixed reactions from followers, with many criticizing the firebrand legislator for only being  critical while in opposition.

“I don’t like talking ofa dead person,but I belief you don’t know which moi you are talking of
You just forgotten during moi time there was no judiciary in Kenya and if at all it was there it just existed by name” James N Kariuki.

“Moses Kuria if you think Uhuru is brutal, wait for a ruto presidency my friend. You fellows will cry to the last tear…a man accused of all the known ills in Kenya you decided to go to bed with…okay” Answered James Kamau.

Moses Kuria
Moses Kuria

“Do you waken the wanjiku when poor Kenyans suffer under those judges you call the judiciary or when it comes to politicians is when you are there to wake us up? The hustlers have been there before you were even elected so stop blackmailing poor Kenyans in the notion of caring for hustlers. How have you helped those hustlers since you have been in power?” Edith Mwangi.

“Uhuru has criticized the judiciary which could be wrong….but he raised sensible questions….this country focuses too much on the law than the reality…no matter our courts cannot convict economy looters….they restrict themselves too much to the law rather than the reality….A missing file can drag someones case for over 20 yrs…and the judge is comfortable with that…and some other funny scenarios….and every time “in sufficient evidence” Makau Kimwele Opined.

“Moses your intelligence if any should help you decipher the president’s message. (No single man acting on his behalf, representing an organisation or ignorant of all the above) would interpret Law without considering the spirit of the law. Just where is the place of Law when the country is in chaos where killing is such a small fete and when your master can order killings of children in a church? I pray that one day you stop the self importance and to think ” Wagichuki Mwangi James.

“Kenyans are up and active.. The president is doing what is right to the country… The law should not be a burden on our shoulders.” Hongos Otieno.

“When the judiciary nullifies uhuru’s win, you were the first to accuse the maraga ledteam for overtuning the will of kenyans but now that you are in opposition you pretend to be a friend to the judiciary shenzi kabiza!!” Nampaso Elijah.
“On this am with him judiciary should also recognise that there are other Kenyans not just them.The will of many cannot always be stoped by a few .” Gabriel Mwangi.

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